Mobile Health (mHealth)

mHealth is a rapidly growing area of health technology that has significant potential to improve care processes, expand access to care, augment other home care technologies, and reduce the costs of care.

mHealth is broadly defined as the delivery of health-related services to patients, clinicians and caregivers through mobile technology platforms on cellular or wireless networks.

Mobile technologies include, but are not limited to tablets, cell phones (hardware and software), smartphones, mobile-enabled diagnostic devices, or devices with mobile alert systems.

mHealth services contribute improved health for older adults in areas such as medication compliance, chronic disease monitoring, safety monitoring, access to health information, and communication with providers.




Reducing 30-day Hospital Readmissions for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) Patients by Using Mobile Health Technology and Personalized Health Coaching

Improving Type II Diabetes Education and Self-care Management in Older Adults Utilizing a Two-way SMS Coaching and Education Program (Care4Life)

Detailed Abstracts for mHealth Grant Organizations

Position Paper: mHealth Technologies: Applications to Benefit Older Adults

m-Health Grant Application Guidelines

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