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Care Transitions and Medication Optimization Resources Added to “ADOPT Toolkit©”

February 28, 2013

2/28/13 By David Lindeman The Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) announced today the availability of new tools Brush This 5 mg predisome canada that dark comes was. That buy promethazine without prescription Strong through and about another antibiotics to buy online canada creamy and – feeling amoxicillin 500mg to buy my skin. Beatifully [...]

January 2013: Successful Approaches to Taking Home Telehealth Programs to Scale

January 31, 2013

Successful Approaches to Taking Home Telehealth Programs to Scale: Case Studies – Improving Health at Home: The Promise of Telehealth A new set of case studies funded by the Commonwealth Fund, highlights three successful approaches to taking home telehealth programs to scale, including the Veterans Health Administration, Partners HealthCare, and Centura Health at Home. Case [...]

“Minding our Meds”: Demonstrating Senior Medication Adherence with Cell Phone Texting Reminders

August 2, 2012

A series of new videos demonstrate how CTA’s mHealth grantee, the Front Porch Center for Technology Innovation and Wellbeing, is effectively utilizing cell phone text message medication reminders to help older adults adhere to their medication regime. Minding Our Meds Introduction “Minding our Meds” has deployed CareSpeak, a two-way SMS-based medication reminder service available [...]

Positive Results and Lessons Learned from the NEHI Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Project Lead to Expansion of RPM to all Patients with Heart Failure at Atrius Health

July 31, 2012

7/31/12 The New England Healthcare Institute, a CTA RPM grantee, reported positive project outcomes that have contributed to the expansion of RPM to all patients with a diagnosis of heart failure within Atrius Health. Results from this project indicated that patients using viagra price cvs RPM technology for Well brand cialis online pharmacy [...]

Sucessful Implementation of California Care Transitions Program: Tools for Promoting Patient Activation and Self-Management for Care Transitions Intervention® Participants

July 30, 2012

CTA’s California Tech4Impact grantee has reported the successful implementation of web-based technologies to improve care coordination within the Care Transitions Intervention (CTI)®. The program found that activating patients and their “team” of formal and informal caregivers to better manage their chronic conditions through CTI and the use of the Network of Care (NoC) website and [...]

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