“Minding our Meds”: Demonstrating Senior Medication Adherence with Cell Phone Texting Reminders

A series of new videos demonstrate how CTA’s mHealth grantee, the Front Porch Center for Technology Innovation and Wellbeing, is effectively utilizing cell phone text message medication reminders to help older adults adhere to their medication regime.

Minding Our Meds Introduction


“Minding our Meds” has deployed CareSpeak, a two-way SMS-based medication reminder service available on most cell phone or smartphone devices with a texting plan. It offers participants the opportunity to alert caregivers via text if s/he failed to respond to a medication reminder, enabling and supporting the patient’s personal system of care.

The project will use One Economy Digital Connectors as part of their community service projects to provide some of the training in showing seniors how to set up and access CareSpeak accounts through its web-based dashboard. In addition, “Minding our Meds” will recruit members from the Front Porch volunteer program to support similar training activities and workshops at targeted Front Porch retirement communities.

The evidence-based solution that this project proposes has been the subject of a study with Mt Sinai Medical Center, as published in the Journal Pediatrics, New York Times, AHRQ and ongoing development with some of the largest healthcare institutions including: New York Presbyterian, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Columbia University Oncology Department, Easter Seals New Jersey and others. CareSpeak has proven its platform to positively affect patient compliance and persistence. CareSpeak has been commercially deployed to several healthcare companies including United Health Group.

CareSpeak’s Mobile Medication Manager sends

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text messages to a mobile phone to help a user take his/her medications on time and in the right amount. The messaging service enables a user to:

Receive timely reminders to ensure medication is taken as prescribed.

Log medication intakes by response text and view adherence calendar online.
Get timely refill reminder alerts to ensure uninterrupted therapy.
Involve caregiver(s) by having them receive escalation alerts so they can call a user in case s/he misses an alert.

Use Case


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